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Cosmoline® Weathershed - Industrial Grade Spray

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Product Description

Industrial-Grade Cosmoline® in an aerosol can. Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Rust Preventative! (sold by the case - 12 x 12oz aerosol cans per case.)

*  Lives up to name as World's best rust preventative with up to two years of staying power.
Withstands severe outdoor exposure and salt laden atmosphere as well as acid and caustic fumes.
Transparent, amber, dry-to-the-touch wax-like protective coating for steel, iron and all metals.
Will not crack or craze.
First application typically dries completely within 2 to 4 hours.

Less-than-case ordering:  If you would like to order this product by the can (individually) in less than case quantities (12 aerosol cans), you can do so at Cosmoline Direct - Cosmoline Sprays sold individually.

Provides long-term outdoor protection for:
   *  Long-term Parts & equipment storage (indoors or outdoors)
   *  Overseas transportation
   *  Packaging
   *  Machinery & equipment
   *  Farm implements
   *  Boat shafts and propellers
   *  Marine fittings
   *  Garden tools
   *  Lawn mower blades
   *  Battery terminals
and much more...   

Weathershed MSDS

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