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Cosmoline Rust-Inhibiting Wax Wrap #714

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Product Description

COSMOLINE RUST-INHIBITING WAX WRAP #714  (wax-impregnated, tacky, self-adhering)

Cosmoline Wax Wrap 714, our bestselling wrap, is a non-toxic, rust-inhibiting protective wrap that effectively prevents rust and corrosion on all types of metal while in transit or in storage.  Because Cosmoline Wax Wrap 714 contains no VOC’s or harsh chemicals in its manufacturing, it can be safely applied to any metal without harm to the user or its surrounding environment.  

Cosmoline Wax Wrap 714 is a non-woven polypropylene that is generously impregnated with a highly-formulated industrial-grade wax on BOTH SIDES of the wrap.  These two components come together to form a hydrophobic, flexible and self-adhesive material to all surfaces without damaging the metal. Cosmoline Wax Wrap 714 is effective in the harshest environments including heavy salt-laden/spray atmospheres, high humidity and extreme temperature ranges.


  • Provides reliable long-term protection from rust & corrosion for years!
  • Extremely easy to apply and remove….just wrap and unwrap!
  • No Prep or Set Up Needed.
  • Abrasion & Bacteria Resistant.
  • Non-Toxic, Environmentally-friendly, “Green” and Safe to Use.
  • Easily conforms to your parts, equipment, etc.
  • Can be cut with scissors (if desired) to better accommodate your part or surface.
  • Effective in all Atmospheres
  • The dual-sided, impregnated tacky wax sticks to your surface as well as any wrap overlap ensuring the wrap stays securely in place.

This product is non-hazardous (non "dangerous goods") and can be shipped via AIR/Next-Day.


TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS:     Cosmoline Wax Wrap #714 Product Overview             Cosmoline Wax Wrap #714 SDS


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