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MIL-PRF-85570 Type 2 (Aircraft Cleaning Compound)

  • MIL-PRF-85570 Type 2 - 5-Gallon Pail - Flywheel Distribution, LLC
  • MIL-PRF-85570 Type 2 - 55-Gallon Drum - Flywheel Distribution, LLC
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Product Description

MIL-PRF-85570, Type 2 is an effective liquid cleaner/degreaser designed for a broad range of application with special emphasis on exterior aircraft cleaning.  With an average pH of 8.5, MIL-PRF-85570, Type 2 will not harm painted or aluminum surfaces and is safe to use on any surface not harmed by water.  MIL-PRF-85570, Type 2 is biodegradable, nontoxic, nonflammable, and leaves no residue after rinsing.  

*** Flywheel Distribution, LLC also offers MIL-PRF-85570, Type 5.

MIL-PRF-85570, Type 2.  Certificate of Conformance/Analysis and Safety Data Sheet (SD) are always provided free of charge with any order.

MIL-PRF-85570, Type 2 is a concentrated cleaner that should be diluted with water for best cleaning results.  Suggested ratios for exterior aircraft use are as follows:
LIGHT SOILS:            1 part cleaner to 14 parts water
MODERATE SOILS:     1 part cleaner to 9 parts water
HEAVY SOILS:           1 part cleaner to 4 parts water

Apply with foam generator, spray, sponge, brush, or cloth.  Scrub, then rinse with fresh water for best results.

In addition to the dilution rates recommended by MIL-PRF-85570 for exterior aircraft cleaning, we recommend the following dilution rates for support equipment dependent on the condition of the soiled surface.  Suggested rates follow:
HEAVY CLEANING:         1 part cleaner to 10 parts water
LIGHT CLEANING:          1 part cleaner to 20 parts water
STEAM CLEANING:         1 part cleaner to 50 parts water

SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 75 Degrees F: 1.01
pH:  7.0 - 10.0
SOLUBILITY:  Water soluble
DENSITY:  8.4-lbs. / Gal
ODOR AND APPEARANCE:  Clear with bland, lemon detergent odor.

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