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Navy Oxygen Line Cleaner (MIL-DTL-24800)

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Product Description

Navy Oxygen Line Cleaner (NOC) is formulated to MIL-DTL-24800 and meets the standards listed in MIL-STD-1330, Oxygen Line Cleaning Compound. NOC is an inorganic alkaline solution comprised of water, sodium silicate, sodium molybdate and sodium fluoroborate. NOC will remove common organic fat based soils by neutralization or solubilization and will remove the more difficult industrial based hydrocarbon and halogenated synthetic and mineral based oil and grease soils from the surface by displacement. NOC will remove particulates, hydrocarbon oils, greases, and fats and fluorinated oils & greases from metallic surfaces, rubber surfaces and plastic surfaces when applied hot at temperatures of 140 Degrees F to 170 Degrees F. The product is most effective when used with agitation in applications such as a pumped ultrasonic tank, pumped pipe line cleaner or spray impingement cleaner.

NOC is non-flammable in high pressure gaseous oxygen. NOC is non-toxic, and is safe for use in any life support system including multiple atmosphere diving systems. description

MIL-DTL-24800     (Certificate of Conformance provided Free of Charge)

Navy Oxygen Line Cleaner is intended for the precision cleaning of oxygen system piping and components including valces, regulators, piping, flasks and connectors. This cleaning compound is a ciritical item for cleaning oxygen systems and componenets during manufacture, maintenance and repair. To be effectice, this cleaning compound must be used in accordance with the oxygen cleaing process specified in MIL-STD-1330, or equal. The quality of this product directly affects the safe performance of oxygen systems.

can be diluted with de-mineralized or de-ionized water up to 50 percent. NOC must be diluted 50 percent when cleaning aluminum or anodized aluminum. Water should be added to NOC rather than adding NOC to water. NOC can be used as supplied for heavily contaminated piping.

For installed piping systems, or sections of piping systems with expansion or contraction fittings or components, the minimum flushing time is 60 minutes followed by a back-flush for an additional 60 minutes. For lengths of pipes incorporating only bends or elbows, the minimum flushing time is 30 minutes. Back-flushing is not required. Bends and elbows present relatively smooth transitions which do not develop areas of stagnant flow like blank fittings and valve bodies. For piping systems and sections fabricated of pre-cleaned pipe and components, the minimum flushing time is 30 minutes followed by a back-flush for an additional 30 minutes.  

After cleaning with
NOC, remove the cleaner and then flush with de-mineralized water at a minimum temperature of 110 Degrees F: at a minimum velocity of 3fps. Minimize the time between draining NOC and rinsing with water to prevent re-deposition of soil and formation of cleaner residue.

24 months

Color:  Water-white
Odor:  Bland
Water Solubility:  100%
Freeze Point:  28 Degrees F

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