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Rust-Veto 4222-S

  • Rust-Veto 4222-S  (5-Gallon Pail)  Flywheel Distribution, LLC
  • Rust-Veto 4222-S  (55-Gallon Drum)  Flywheel Distribution, LLC
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Product Description

Rust-Veto 4222-S is a water emulsifiable, barium free rust preventative which provides excellent humidity protection. The product is readily emulsified at a minimum temperature of 65 deg F in either hard or soft water. No Special mixing procedures are required.
An emulsion of Rust-Veto 4222-S will deposit a thin, protective film on treated surfaces. The thin film will typically provide corrosion protection, on plain carbon or low alloy steel for nine months indoors. Film removal is accompished with hot water and detergent.


  • Protects Indoors for Nine Months: the thin protective film will typically provide corrosion protection on treated surface such as plain carbon or low alloy steel for nine months indoors.
  • Barium free formulation reduces waste treatement concerns.
  • Excellent Humidity Protection: Dependable rust preventive for indoor use.
  • Emulsifies in Water: Mixes easily with water at a temperature of 65 deg F in hard or soft water.
  • No Fire Hazard: Flammable solvent-type rust preventives and their haxards are eliminated when Rust-Veto 4222-S is used.
  • No Oily Feel to Parts: As a final preservative, the thin film deposited by Rust-Veto 4222-S results in finished parts without an "oily" feel.
  • Freeous Corrosion Preventive: When applied to cleaned parts, a 5-10% dilution of Rust-Veto 4222-S is capable of protecting ferrous components for 9 months depending upon storage conditions.
  • Thin film protects your parts without excessive carry-off which reduces usage and cost.

Rust Veto 4222-S mixes easily with water. Upon addition of required amount of Rust-Veto 4222-S to water, a minimum mixing is required to form a white emulsion. Constant mild agitation is recommended with the emulsion heated to 120-140 deg F and will remain stable when hot to a maximum of 150 deg F.
If an emulsion of Rust-Veto 4222-S is left standing still for several days, a layer of oil and/or cream may form on the surface. Any separated oil is easily mixed back into the emulsion.

Appearance, Neat:     Clear, amber oil
Specific Gravity @ 60 deg F (15.5 deg C):     .927
Viscosity @ 100 deg F, SUS:     180
Viscosity @ 37.7 deg C, cSt:     38.5
Flash Point, deg F, COC:     280 deg F typical
Pour Point:     -16 deg F
Freeze Point:     -22 deg F
Humidity Protection, 1010 Steel treated with a 10% Emulsion:     30 days typical

Rust-Veto 4222-S MSDS
Rust-Veto 4222-S Tech Data Sheet

* SCAQMD - This product is not to be used in California's South Coast Air Quality Management District because it does not comply with Rule 1144.  This restriction only affects the following Southern California counties:  Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.  For a complete listing of cities, click here.  8pt.png WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including 2,2'-iminodiethanol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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