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Cosmoline® 1102

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Product Description

Cosmoline® 1102 is a solvent cutback corrosion preventive which can be applied cold by spray, dip or brush methods. It dries to the touch within four hours and leaves an amber colored, soft film about 1 mil thick. It provides extended protection indoors of machinery, bearings and instruments with or without overwrap.  Flywheel offers a generic, lower-priced version of this product that meets MIL-PRF-16173 Grade 2, Class 1.


*  Exceptional, long-term rust & corrosion preventative performance for precision parts stored indoors.
*  Rapid drying permits handling of parts shortly after application which expedites process flow and packaging.
*  Low-odor nature of the products optimizes worker acceptance.
*  Meets military-specification MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 2, Class 1


Film Characteristics: Soft, greasy, discernible film
Non-Volatile Content, %: 58.0
Flash Point, COC, °F: 100 minimum
Sprayability: Sprayable down to 40°F
Miscibility with Lubricating Oil: Miscible
Humidity Cabinet Protection, : 30 days, minimum
100% Humidity @ 120°F
20% Salt Spray, 95°F: 7 days, minimum
Film Thickness: 0.7 mils
Removability: Petroleum Solvents
Corrosion Test, 7 days: @ 130°F on steel, brass, cadmium, zinc, magnesium, aluminum and lead-cadmium  --  Non-corrosive by immersion in the product or on coated panels

Cosmoline® 1102 MSDS

Cosmoline® 1102 Technical Data Sheet

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